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The Office of Student and Enrollment Services (OSES) occasionally receives job announcements which may be of interest to Urban Affairs students and graduates. As announcements are received, they will be posted below. For more information about a particular position, please contact the associated organization directly.

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Posting Date: 8/9/22
Position: Principal Planner
Company: The City of Chattanooga Department of City Planning
The Principal Planner plays a key role in implementing the City of Chattanooga’s sustainability goals. Working closely with planners across the department and staff across the city, the Principal Planner will lead the creation of implementation plans for each sustainability goal, identify highest priority plans to implement, and guide implementation. They will also lead the creation and ongoing management of internal and external sustainability task forces. Experience with sustainability and/or climate mitigation or adaptation is preferred.
This position works with the Director of Sustainability to focus attention and efforts towards greenhouse-gas emissions reduction, transportation planning, green building principles, procurement, waste management, energy and water conservation, and other cross-disciplinary initiatives from an intra- and inter-government perspective and advises on citywide policy conception and implementation.
Application Deadline:  08/15/2022

Posting Date: 8/9/22
Position: Strategic Capital Planning Manager
Company: The City of Chattanooga Department of City Planning
The Strategic Capital Planning Manager leads the Capital Planning team as they plan, coordinate, finance and execute a strategic capital plan for the City of Chattanooga. Working across City departments and partner organizations, they will create a capital plan that serves short and long term interests of the City, emphasizing the importance of addressing infrastructure needs while building a more equitable City and investing in economic development projects and improvements that will provide a positive return on investment to the City.

The City of Chattanooga Department of City Planning is the leading edge of planning for and addressing the overlapping challenges facing Chattanooga - caring for our aging infrastructure, building a resilient, sustainable city, identifying how to use our existing resources creatively and responsibly, and modeling innovative governance into the 21st century. City Planning staff integrate and collaborate with Regional Planning Agency staff and work with staff across the City in plan implementation.

Application Deadline:  08/25/2022

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Posting Date: 8/9/22
Position: Municipal Planner - Transportation (Planning & Development)
Company: Shelby County Government
Works under general supervision of the Memphis Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) Coordinator to assist in the development and implementation of transportation planning programs in the Memphis region. Works closely with public transportation providers, local governments, social service agencies, advocacy groups, and local communities to implement public transportation projects funded through federal programs for the general public.
Application Deadline: 8/19/22

Posting Date: 8/9/22
Postion: Economic Development Specialist
Company/Organization: Shaker Heights
Shaker Heights is a forward-thinking, welcoming community with tree-lined neighborhoods and vibrant commercial districts, all designed for gathering and connecting. Shaker residents and business owners are empowered to contribute to a longtime culture of community involvement. The City’s strong commitment to placemaking in and around commercial districts attracts quality commercial businesses and distinctive stores and restaurants that serve people of all backgrounds and experiences as well as local and regional markets.
Application Deadline: N/A

Posting Date: 8/4/22
Postion: Compliance Manager
Company/Organization: Greater Cleveland Food Bank
At the Greater Cleveland Food Bank diversity and equal employment opportunities are an important element of our culture and our organizational success. It is a core value and an integral part of how we operate. It is the policy of the Food Bank to provide equal opportunity in employment for all qualified individuals; to prohibit unlawful discrimination in employment and to promote realization of equal employment opportunities through a positive continuing practice of equal opportunity within the organization. 

Posting Date: 8/1/22
Postion: Land Planner
Company/Organization: Bayer Becker
Position Responsibilities:
  • Conduct technical research, prepare due diligence reports, and analyze zoning codes
  • Evaluate site conditions including infrastructure, access, wetlands, and other factors that may impact the development of a site
  • Fully participate in internal and external design charrettes
  • Translate ideas from verbal instruction and sketches to complete and accurate plans
  • Prepare supporting exhibits, diagrams, 3D models, sections, and renderings
  • Apply department policies, procedures, and principles to everyday work
  • Support numerous projects with various client preferences and deadlines on a weekly basis
  • Attend public hearings and lead presentations on behalf of clients
Application Deadline: N/A

Posting Date: 8/1/22
Position: Project Manager, Non-Profit Programs (Northeast Ohio)
Company/Organization: The Center for Health Affairs|CHAMPS Healthcare
The Project Manager responsibilities relate to supporting activities within the member programming department. The scope of work involves managing a set of defined program activities and initiatives based on objectives and goals identified within each program strategic plan by the program director and in accordance with grant deliverables and priorities of the hospital members and The Center.
Application Deadline: N/A

Posting Date: 8/1/22
Position: City Planner
Company/Organization: City of Cincinnati
Performs a wide range of high-level professional tasks involving planning and organizing, managing programs, reporting and researching, and representing the City Planning Department.
Application Deadline: N/A

Posting Date: 8/1/22
Position: Administrative Specialist (Unclassified) Community Engagement Specialist
Company/Organization: City of Cincinnati
The duties of this unclassified employee are to provide clerical, technical, and administrative assistance in the daily operations of an assigned service area or department; provides administrative/clerical support to an assigned director/agency head; and has input on decisions and problem solving related to assigned area of responsibility.  Performs related duties as required. Unclassified employees serve at the pleasure of the appointing authority and report to the director/appointing authority.
Application Deadline: N/A