School of Communication


What is a Certificate ? 

Certificate programs offer a series of courses within a given area of study and permit individuals to develop a well-defined knowledge and skills base generally not available in either a major or minor program of study. Certificate programs do not lead to a degree program. They may be completed by either degree or non-degree seeking students. A student does not have to be a major in the School of Communication to complete a Digital Contect Producation or Multimedia Advertising certificate.

Certificates offered in the school of communication:

Digital Content Production:
Professional communication expertise increasingly includes the ability to create digital (online) content. This certificate in digital content production prepares students from all majors with knowledge and skills required to become effective and engaging communicators in the digital spaces. Students will learn to produce engaging and interactive websites and videos, and use analytical skills to evaluate impact. These digital skills are seen as essential to have in nearly any work context.

This program prepares ALL STUDENTS IN ALL MAJORS ACROSS THE UNIVERSITY with knowledge and skills needed to be effective and engaging communicators in digital spaces.  Students develop the following skills which are applicable to any work environment:

  • Creating and editing podcasts, video, text and graphics for digital media platforms
  • Effectively using social media
  • Using different media to effectively tell stories
  • Assessing the impact of digital communication efforts

This certificate is 13 credit hours.

Multimedia Advertising: 

This certificate program is designed to provide college undergraduates and professionals with a practical, skill-oriented yet flexible and compact educational program on advertising principles, practices, computer graphics, and marketing communications.  To ensure breadth and comprehensive coverage of advertising communications, marketing strategies, graphics, copywriting, and design issues, the Multimedia certificate is designed as an interdisciplinary program sponsored by the Art Department, the School of Communication, and the Marketing Department housed in the College of Business Administration. 

This certificate program includes 16 credit hours of core courses in visual art, advertising principles, advertising applications, and marketing analysis.  Prerequisites to this certificate include:  ART 242 and MKT 301.