School of Communication


Multimedia Advertising Certificate

What is a Certificate? Certificate programs offer a series of courses within a given area of study and permit individuals to develop a well-defined knowledge and skills base generally not available in either a major or minor program of study. Certificate programs do not lead to a degree program. They may be completed by either degree or non-degree seeking students. A student does not have to be a major in the School of Communication to complete a Journalism or Multimedia Advertising certificate.

Multimedia Advertising: This is an interdisciplinary program jointly offered by the departments of Art and Communication in the College of Arts & Communication in the College of Arts & Sciences and the Marketing Department in the James J. Nance College of Business Administration. The program provides students with a breadth of information and practical know-how in advertising communication, marketing strategy, graphics copywriting, and design. It introduces contemporary advertising theories and practices by integrating traditional media - such as print and broadcasting - with new media - such as computer graphics and the Internet.

Science Writing Certificate (Certificate)

The Science Writing Certificate in the School of Communication provides undergraduates and professionals with the opportunity to develop specialized knowledge in media writing, science reporting, the scientific method and contemporary science. The certificate comprises courses in the School of Communication and the Science College. Students who complete this certificate are expected to have a working knowledge of contemporary scientific concepts and methodological approaches appropriate to their study. Students who successfully complete the certificate will have the tools necessary to explain interesting and complex ideas to a general audience.