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September 2022: CSU's Community Learning Center Responds to Covid19
In this episode we meet Amanda Yurick, Associate Professor, Special Education at Cleveland State University. The Covid-19  Pandemic has impacted nearly every facet of our everyday lives. We have  seen and felt these effects within our healthcare systems, economy and  workforce, transportation sectors, mental  health needs and services, and certainly the field of education is  implicated as well. How we educate our children and youth saw some  dramatic shifts from in-person to remote structures, which left the  inequities that have always existed glaringly apparent  in the light that Covid shed on our uneven access to resources. At  Cleveland State we have help adapt the classroom for local students  through our CLC (Community Learning Center).

September 2022: Society 5.0
Society is rapidly approaching a fifth stage of development that includes emerging disruptive technologies, such as artificial intelligence, multi-sensory transfer, augmented and virtual realities, advanced robotics, and synthetic forms of life. In this episode we are joined by Dr. Nicholas Zingale of the School of Urban Affairs and Dr. Sasa Drezgic from the Faculty of Economics and Business at the University of Rijeka, Croatia to discuss implications for how the role of technology will continue to shape our everyday experiences as well as aspirational hopes for a better and more prosperous, fair, and equitable future.

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CEPA PodcastResetting the Table: Building an Educational Ecosystem to Fuel Growth in Cleveland's Economy
The College of Education and Public Affairs (Cleveland State University), in partnership with PolicyBridge, is hosting a year-long forum series based on its recent Urban Agenda Resetting the Table. The report explores the core question: why have so many low-income neighborhoods in Cleveland and its first-ring communities not seen a significant improvement in their quality of life and access to economic opportunity given many efforts to address inequality over the years?  Watch Now » and Learn More »

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