School of Urban Affairs Faculty and Staff

School of Urban Affairs Faculty and Staff


The School of Urban Affairs is a collection of scholars committed to the advancement of cities through sustainable and equitable economic and social development. We work toward this goal on a daily basis through our research, education, and public service. Our students, whether they are working towards an undergraduate or graduate degree or a certificate, are given both theoretical and practical, hands-on training to make a difference in the development of their communities.

Our commitment to education does not stop at the classroom. Faculty and staff offer a wide range of training programs throughout Greater Cleveland, as well as in Central Europe and Asia, where we share our expertise and advance the reputation of the School of Urban Affairs and Greater Cleveland.

School of Urban Affairs faculty and staff continue to advance the urban mission of our nationally prominent college. We have developed and nurtured a series of partnerships for research and public service. We established a forum for the public to discuss issues and identify possible strategies for advancing the agenda of Greater Cleveland. And we continually strive to address the needs of our students, our community, and urban regions.

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