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Fall 2022

UST 393 Social Justice and the City

The Urban Studies program is pleased to offer its first Social Justice and the City course! This participatory seminar examines social inequities of urbanized areas (spatial justice) in the United States as they relate to historical and contemporary structural developments in land use, housing, economic development, environment, transportation, schools, and public services. The seminar includes engaging discussions and guest speakers working towards equitable outcomes in urban areas. Course materials are free through the course Blackboard.

UST 476/576: Historic Preservation

Examines the roots of the preservation movement in American cities and its historical antecedents, and preservation policies at the federal, state, and local levels of government, emphasizing Cleveland's historic districts, buildings, and landmarks.

Throughout the semester, students work on a variety of homework assignments that feed into in-class discussions and small group activities. We cover a range of materials from the history and theory of preservation to federal/state/local policy to current programming around revitalization, sustainability, and underrepresented heritage. 

This course meets on Monday evenings in the fall. It is designed as a hybrid course, meeting every other week in-person with online and field work during the alternate weeks. For fall 2022, the in-person meeting dates are: August 29, September 12, September 26, October 10, October 24, November 7, November 21, and December 5.

UST 494/594 Levin Chair Seminar: CLE Learning City Initiative

The United Nation's Institute for Lifelong Learning assists cities and regions throughout the world to develop and implement community-driven strategic plans to increase lifelong learning among all adults. These Learning City Initiatives are becoming essential parts of city and regional plans to improve communities, pursue economic development, and address issues of reconciliation and social justice.

This project course will use the UN's framework to assess the feasibility of creating a Learning City Initiative customized for the social and economic challenges and opportunities in the Cleveland metro area. Students will learn about innovative policies for adult lifelong learning in the U.S. and around the world, and how those policies are being integrated into city and regional plans for neighborhood and community development, smart city infrastructure, citizen participation, economic competitiveness, job training, and social justice.

Students will be advised by an international panel of experts who have assisted communities to develop Learning City Initiatives in Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia, as well as elsewhere in the U.S. Students will present their recommendations to Cleveland-area leaders at the end of the semester.



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