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Thomas F. Campbell, Ph.D. Exhibition Gallery
Sacred Landmarks: Keystones of Urban Communities

April 2001
School of Urban Affairs
Glickman-Miller Hall, Atrium
The Sacred Landmarks Initiative is pleased to announce that Urban Landscapes: Sacred and Transient has been accepted for publication by Kent State University Press. The book will include the photographs by Plain Dealer photographer Mike Levy that were exhibited in both the Campbell Gallery and the CSU Library as part of the forum “Sacred Landmarks: Keystones of Urban Communities,” which was held at CSU in April 2001. Mike Tevesz, Mike Wells, and Kathy Hexter were instrumental in bringing the book to Kent State and will be playing key roles in its production. Please offer them your congratulations on this achievement.
The Levy photo exhibit is currently on display at the Butler Institute of American Art in Youngstown. An opening reception and tour of Youngstown churches by the head of the Sacred Landmarks Partnership at YSU was held on Sunday, October, 21, 2001.
The Youngstown Vindicator of Sunday, October 14 stated that "This exhibition of nearly 40 color photographs is a metaphor for urban culture, past and present. Monumental, timeless and inspirational structures are contrasted with the trivial, the transient and the commonplace -- conveying the evolving nature of urban form and structure."
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