Office of Civic Engagement

Office of Civic Engagement

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About the Office of Civic Engagement

The Office of Civic Engagement (OCE) works with students, faculty, and staff at Cleveland State University to encourage citizenship and strong communities by building partnerships within CSU, with public, nonprofit community-based organizations, and governmental institutions. These partnerships enhance student learning by engaging students in civic, employment, experiential, leadership, and co-curricular involvement opportunities and experiences while contributing to the civic, academic, social, and economic well-being of Cleveland, its neighborhoods, and the Northeast Ohio region. The CSU Office of Civic Engagement (OCE) has a vast network of strategic civic and community partnerships. Each of our partners play a pivotal role in connecting and engaging CSU, our students, and the Greater Cleveland Community.

From one-time volunteer experiences for students to service-learning projects embedded in the curriculum to long-term collaborative partnerships that tackle the community's toughest challenges, the Office of Civic Engagement helps campus and community maximize the benefits of their interdependence.  

Recent News

The Cuyahoga County Board of Elections (CCBOE) is one of Cleveland State University’s critical partners when it comes to civic engagement. The University’s Office of Civic Engagement on campus has been working with the CCBOE to better engage students and our campus community through supporting their work—particularly around the elections taking place each year.

To that end, the partnership is yielding another great opportunity for students. CCBOE needs Election Night Ballot Box Openers on Tuesday, August 2, 2022 for Election Night Processing. The four-hour guaranteed-pay job earns $15.00 per hour per student; 125 slots are available. 

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Ways YOU Can Help the Citizens of Ukraine

More than 42,000 Ukrainians call Ohio home. More than 4,100 of them live in Parma, Ohio. If you are interested and able to help the citizens of Ukraine who are currently being impacted by the war, please check out the links in the PDF below. These organizations are assisting Ukrainians with food distribution, border reception and transportation, medical supplies, pet support, and the evacuation of children in this conflict area. There are Forty-four million citizens of Ukraine, to date, two million refugees have fled the country. One million of those refugees are children.

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