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Publication Spotlight: 3/2020

Take a look at a recent School of Urban Affairs publication:

Community Benefit Agreements: A Report for the City of East Cleveland by Dr. Beth Nagy, Matthew Herman, Amber Knapp, Leah Pirrung, Stephanie Lawson, Tisha Barnes, Sy Castells, Cong Wang, Isabella Ziemak, Cameron Caputi, John Curran, Otis Hooper, Clifton Hopkins, Morgan Clark, Madison Hudy, Amanda Biller, Jacqueline Revier, and (edited by) Zach Kramk

Publication Date: January 2020


Dr. Beth Nagy, Assistant Lecturer of Urban Planning Practice at the School of Urban Affairs, worked with her UST 489 Senior Seminar class to produce a report for the City of East Cleveland on community benefit agreements (CBAs). Students examined CBAs across major cities throughout the United States to provide the City of East Cleveland with case studies on the different ways CBAs are utilized in other communities, while exploring the successes and limitations such efforts have encountered. The final report was presented to East Cleveland Mayor Brandon L. King in February 2020.

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