The Cleveland Stater

The Cleveland Stater

Publications produced by the School and its Students

"your source for campus news, sports, arts, opinios and more"

The Cleveland Stater is a laboratory newspaper produced by students enrolled in the School of Communication at Cleveland State University in the Capstone Course of the Journalism Program (COM 427)

The Laboratory News Media is a 6-credit course: 
COM 427 - Laboratory Media 1st Semester, 3-credit course
COM 427 - Laboratory Media 2nd Semester*, 3-credit course
*Students in second semester are also enrolled in COM 363 - Journalism and Media Laboratory, 1-credit lab course

Students are involved in all ascepts of the newspaper's production including reporting, editing, photography, layout, design, advertising sales and distribution.

About The Cleveland Stater

The Cleveland Stater Started as a print Newspaper in 1999. Currently, the cleveland stater is a Digital First publication with a website and active presence on social media (facebook, twitter, youtube, instagram)   

The office is located in Music and Communication Room 248, Cleveland State University. You may also send letters to the editor via e-mail to the following address

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